Feel the sonic waves in ‘Elon’s Musk,’ where Ari Joshua and iLL Gates merge musical realms

Feel the sonic waves in ‘Elon’s Musk,’ where Ari Joshua and iLL Gates merge musical realms

In the vast sonic landscape of Ari Joshua’s artistic realm, a new masterpiece emerges, titled “Elon’s Musk,” featuring the collaborative genius of iLL Gates. This musical odyssey, reminiscent of a wax orchard adorned with rainbow trees, takes us on a fantastical journey where synthwave and bass music converge with an ethereal touch.

Ari Joshua, a producer with chameleon-like versatility, orchestrates this symphony of sound, joined by the illustrious iLL Gates, a prominent figure in the global electronic music scene. Hailing from Canada, iLL Gates not only contributes his musical prowess but also serves as an educator through his Producer Dojo, leaving an indelible mark on the industry for over a decade. The collaborative effort also incorporates the ambient guitar layers of Ari Joshua and the hauntingly beautiful cello melodies of Cory Cavazos.

“Elon’s Musk” stands as a testament to the fusion of diverse talents, akin to the layered guitars and compositional expertise reminiscent of GUITARI. With iLL Gates on drums, the track mirrors the intricate style of Tipper, boasting over 40 sound layers, including live guitar and cellos. This complex assembly creates a multi-dimensional soundscape, offering listeners a unique auditory journey.

For Ari Joshua, “Elon’s Musk” marks a significant milestone, showcasing his evolution as an artist and his ability to transcend musical boundaries. Meticulously mixed by Ari Joshua and iLL Gates, this release introduces a spatial audio experience with an Atmos Mix by Alex Solano, accompanied by masterful Surround and Stereo Mastering by Justin Gray.

This collaborative endeavor invites audiences to immerse themselves in a tapestry of sound layers, featuring live guitars and cellos. As the first release from Joshua available in spatial audio, “Elon’s Musk” not only captures the essence of artistic evolution but also exemplifies the power of collaboration in pushing the boundaries of musical expression.


Mixed by Ari Joshua & iLL Gates
Atmos Mix by Alex Solano at Pro Mix
Surround Mastering by Justin Gray
Stereo Mastering by Justin Gray
Cello – Cory Cavazos
Guest Drums – iLL Gates
Art – Jay Coby Art

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