Experience the Magic of ‘Break My Heart’ – BAILROSE Channels ’80s Synth Pop for a Modern Audience

Experience the Magic of ‘Break My Heart’ – BAILROSE Channels ’80s Synth Pop for a Modern Audience

‘BAILROSE’ has unleashed their scintillating new single, ‘Break My Heart,’ a captivating 80’s-esque synth-pop anthem. This track boasts a warm, catchy, and uplifting vibe, featuring original synths that harken back to the glory days of the new romantic ’80s era, mixing the reminiscent sounds of iconic acts like Yazoo and Kim Wilde with an energetic and catchy modern pop production.

Originally inspired by personal encounters with disappointment, ‘Break My Heart’ evolved to resonate universally with the experience of heartbreak, particularly among women. BAILROSE aimed to create a sense of solidarity for those who’ve felt the sting of a broken heart. Penned at home, the song underwent refinement at Springfield’s Studio 2100, collaborating with Jeff Smith to perfect the track before its release.

Meet BAILROSE, a seasoned performer in the music scene for 8 years, who recently ventured into songwriting. This year marked her decision to share her original composition, ‘Break My Heart,’ now available across all major streaming platforms.

Talking about the song BAILROSE said “I wrote my single Break my Heart originally about all the individuals that I have encountered in my life that have let me down at some point in time. I decided in order to connect with the audience better I decided to write it about an individual Breaking my Heart, because I know at some point in time, all of us girls have had their heart broken and I didn’t want those girls who have had their heart broken to feel alone”.

‘Break My Heart’ from ‘BAILROSE’ is out now.




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