Santeri’s Musical Impact: ‘Pressure’ as an Anthem for Mental Health and Resilience

Santeri’s Musical Impact: ‘Pressure’ as an Anthem for Mental Health and Resilience

Reflecting on your journey from studying software engineering to creating music, how has this transition shaped your perspective on life and artistry and, how do you balance both parts of your life?

Transitioning from software engineering to music has broadened my perspective. Engineering taught me structure, and music has added the freedom to express emotions creatively. Balancing both involves time management and prioritizing my true passions.

“Pressure” unveils raw emotions. Can you share a personal experience that strongly influenced the song’s creation?

“Pressure” draws from a conversation with a friend battling depression, a deeply personal experience. Two years later, during my peak with “Bunda,” the song mirrored my own struggles, making its release a poignant journey.

As an artist, how do you find balance between vulnerability and maintaining a public persona?

Maintaining vulnerability in my art is crucial. It’s about being true to myself while navigating the public eye. Balancing requires authenticity and understanding that embracing vulnerability can resonate profoundly with my audience.

Your early musical memories involve Sean Kingston and Chris Brown. How have their influences manifested in your own sound and style?

Sean Kingston and Chris Brown shaped my early musical taste. Their influence can be felt in my sound, a fusion of Afrobeat with elements of Pop, Dancehall, and more, creating a unique style that echoes their impact.

What is your favorite memory associated with creating “Pressure,” either in the studio or during the song’s development?

Creating “Pressure” is a cherished memory. The raw emotions poured into each lyric, the collaborative energy in the studio – it all came together to capture a moment of intense self-reflection and expression.

How do you hope your music, particularly “Pressure,” will impact listeners on a personal and emotional level?

I hope “Pressure” serves as a companion to those facing personal struggles, resonating on an emotional level. Through my music, I aim to spark conversations about mental health, letting listeners know they’re not alone.

Beyond the beats, what do you want your audience to take away from the lyrics and the narrative behind “Pressure”?

Beyond the beats, “Pressure” offers a narrative of resilience. I want listeners to internalize the message of overcoming challenges, finding strength in vulnerability, and ultimately realizing the beauty in self-discovery.

“Pressure” delves into mental health struggles. How do you envision using your platform to contribute to the ongoing conversation about mental health?

Mental health is a vital conversation, and I use my platform to destigmatize it. Through honest dialogue and music, I aim to contribute to awareness, urging listeners to prioritize their mental well-being.

Looking forward, what themes or experiences do you aspire to explore in your future musical endeavors?

Future themes may explore diverse experiences, from love and personal growth to societal reflections. Each song will be a chapter, capturing different facets of life, embracing the richness of our human experience.

In your broader journey, how do you see your music evolving, and what legacy do you hope to leave in the music industry?

My music will evolve organically, with a focus on authenticity. I aspire to leave a legacy of timeless, impactful songs that connect with people on a profound level, fostering a sense of unity and shared experiences.


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