Were You Wrong or Right?

Were You Wrong or Right?

Were you wrong or right in your last relationship? Why did it break? Wasn’t love enough for the both of you? Why would you fight? Why blame each other over matters that have no importance?

Why, why, and why? 144 Troy’s latest composition will answer this “why” for you. A multi-talented singer who owns all the different music genres knows how to bond with his audience. His music is not like the old folk tales, which paint an unreal picture.

Rather Troy has always worked hard to compose music with meaningful lyrics and fabulous tunes that leave a lasting impression on you. In addition, his latest song, Wrong or Right is no different!

Why the Fights and Heartaches?

How many have you struggled through the stress that comes along with a relationship and cried over break up? How many times were you able to express your concerns, let the significant other that both of you can be wrong or right, and stop the blame game! Not many times, right?

Unable to express how you feel fighting over little things, how to manage a bossy partner, or how to deal with heartbreak can be exhausting. Hence, understanding how youngsters suffer through it all alone, 144 Troy decided to create a song that openly talked about the dilemma.

His new song is to heal the broken hearts and make you realize that when you become a couple, you become “we” and there is no space for the blame game. Stop blaming each other over little things and hurt each other. It is not necessary that you are always right and the other one is wrong. Hence, let it go and give each other the benefit of doubt.

Troy’s song is to soothe people who are facing a difficult relationship, giving them away to calm themselves and to give their relationship another chance. This song shows the reality, the true face of being a couple that the world is not ready to talk about.

Nothing Short of Brilliance

The song Wrong or Right is as beautiful as it can get. From carefully picked words, needled into wonderful lyrics and decorated with fabulous tunes to provide you with a soothing hearing experience.

Troy’s song is not your usual hip-hop or rap number, rather a differently composed song that wishes to touch hearts with its powerful presence. Just like the composer, the song itself is beautiful and will not fail to impress you.

If you have been a victim of abuse or suffered through a serious break, this song will give you an insight into what went wrong. Wrong or right shows the real face of couples who fight unnecessarily. Those who blame each other for nothing and give up on their love because their “ego” came in between.

Therefore, people who love Troy and are eagerly waiting for his new release, buckle up to be taken on a journey of love and fight, seeing the real face of relationships today on your way. 


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