Volume 2 – EP – Pink Sweat$

In a Beats 1 interview with Zane Lowe, Philadelphia R&B singer Pink Sweat$ laid out his ambition: “I’m trying to expand people’s palettes of black music.” To achieve this, Pink leans on lonely guitar and natural beats (“Listen to Bobby McFerrin and you’ll understand,” he adds). The spare accompaniment allows his voice to blossom across this five-song EP. The backyard strummer “I Know” shows his ability to get to the heart of a matter without being overcome by it. The genesis and aftermath of a love hangover plays out in the two-parter “Coke & Henny”—”Pt. 1” is playful and strutting, “Pt. 2” is solemn and regretful. “Your Side” and “Body Ain’t Me” reveal the old-school R&B soul—he’s from Philly, after all—underneath those comfy pink sweats.

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