‘Think Schilling’ Brings Out ‘Belly Pop’

‘Think Schilling’ Brings Out ‘Belly Pop’

Music; it’s an art form that has the ability to connect and inspire us, and with this in mind, more and more people are turning to music for the potential it can offer. However, it can often feel hard to find those songs which offer a balance between confidence and positivity – but this was something that Think Schilling set out to change.

Going by Brian C. Schilling in his personal life, Think Schilling was born and raised in Chicago, and he continues to produce music from his Chicago-based recording studio to this day. However, he now lives in Los Angeles, making the journey when new inspiration hits him for a song.

His work goes through a great deal of adaption and evolution to reach the final stage, and Think Schilling continually scribbles down new notes and ideas on scraps of paper. At any one time, he’s working on hundreds of different pieces in his head, only taking a handful of these forward to record; it’s something that ensures every song he releases is bold, empowering, and captivating overall. Think Schilling doesn’t cut any corners – and it’s something that’s easy to recognise in his work.

As an awarded humanitarian, Think Schilling’s main goal is simply to bring joy to his listeners – and it’s the response and energy from his fan base that inspires him to continue writing new songs. With this in mind, we can’t wait to see how things progress looking to the future, and we wish him all the best for his upcoming singles as well.

this is something that we can’t wait to see as time goes by, too.

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