THE BUDDY BLAKE BAND – “Lawrence of Albuquerque” – Redefining Rock with Passion and Prowess

In an often bland modern rock landscape (full of posers and fakers), THE BUDDY BLAKE BAND presents “Lawrence of Albuquerque”, an authentic grandiloquent ode to the eternal spirit of rock ‘n’ roll. This album, a... Read More

NSE GREAT COVER VERSIONS:‘Lucy Lee’ releases an uplifting, dreamy, melodic and classy cover version of Bruce Springsteen’s Big American Hit ‘I’m on Fire’

(Los Angeles, CA) Singer-Songwriter and Music Rights activist, Lucy Lee has released a new music video for her single “I’m on Fire” (Bruce Springsteen Cover). From her debut album “The Royal Tea“, this classic American... Read More

BEST NEW ROCK AND ALTERNATIVE: Canadian rockers ‘Lucid Ending’ unleash a powerful, energetic, modern grunge rock wall of sound with the driving single ‘Product’

Lucid Ending’ are a 4-piece alternative rock band from Edmonton, Canada. Founded in 2017, the group finds its influence from grunge, post-grunge and hard rock of the 90s. Lucid Ending were formed when professional poker... Read More