Squabbling fans noticed by 5 Seconds of Summer

Michael Clifford speaks out on #nohate on Twitter
Michael Clifford speaks out on #nohate on Twitter

5 Seconds Of Summer’s Michael Clifford on ‘fake fans’: ‘Liking a band for longer doesn’t make you a bigger or better fan’

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5SOS’s Michael Clifford has called for fans to stop bickering about who is more devoted to the band because the length of time someone has supported a particular group doesn’t make them a ‘better’ follower.

Writing on his official Twitter page, the heartthrob explained that he doesn’t understand the animosity among fans because it shouldn’t matter when you discover a band and it certainly doesn’t relate directly to how big of a fan someone is:

“What’s up with this whole ‘fake fan’ thing? A fan is a fan regardless of what they do, don’t judge ppl. If someone likes a band, don’t think you’re better then them if you’ve liked them longer, you all discovered that band at one stage #nohate.”

He then went onto add that he isn’t criticising any of his own band’s followers because he and the rest of the 5SOS lads appreciate the fans they’ve had from the very beginning and he just wishes everyone would get along: “People who support our band from the beginning are the reason we’re in the position we are now.”

Watch footage of 5SOS performing live on ‘The Late Late Show’ below:

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