SCAM OF THE DAY – UK Expat Robert Ian Pratt Tries to scam and rig the official U.K charts and is rumbled by P.R company–The dangers of trolls in the music industry

U.K  expat Mr. Robert Ian Pratt a.ka Robian originally from Hinckley, Leicestershire UK, but who is now based in Spain’s Costa Del Sol took out a music promotion campaign with a recognised U.K P.R company.

Before the company had a chance to deliver his full results and after only a few weeks  ( I mean it took the Beatles 10 years didn’t it – Editor ) Mr. Robert Ian Pratt who lives in Sayalonga, Andalucia, Spain began to abuse and troll the companies staff which continued over a duration of 3 months or more.

Mr. Robert Ian Pratt sent an email requesting and suggesting that the company rig the national U.K charts run by the official charts company by buying 50,000 downloads of his own record and setting up multiple buyer accounts to falsely buy or stream his musical release in a sad attempt to falsely get his own music into the charts.

robert ian pratt - UK Chart SCAM3

The company obviously refused to carry out this illegal act and Mr. Robert Ian Pratt then proceeded to send numerous and multiple emails and abuse including foul language and threats to commit false libel and defamation on the Internet about the company.

The company had delivered their full legal guarantee’s and achieved Radio airplay, interviews and online features, however Mr. Robert Ian Pratt, continued to abuse the company director and then proceeded to troll the company online on Twitter and Facebook blatantly defaming the company.

Mr. Robert Ian Pratt has now been reported to the U.K police.


ONLINE TROLL – MR.ROBERT IAN PRATT who also runs his own company at Vida. His Twitter can be seen here.

Mr. Robert Ian Pratt was urged by the company that if he felt the company had done something wrong that he should follow the correct legal route and that they were very happy to defend themselves in court.

However, Mr. Robert Ian Pratt also known as  ROBIAN who resides in Sayalonga, Andalucia, Spain chose to ignore this and rather take the position of an online troll.

This is an example of the perils of trolls in the modern music and other industries.

Mr Robert Ian Pratt to this day still refuses to supply his address to the company who cannot be named for legal reasons.

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