Restless Minds – Ward Thomas

With their expert harmonies and luscious, pop-friendly take on mainstream twang, Britain’s Ward Thomas have continually proven that country music need not originate from below the Mason-Dixon—or anywhere close—to find a compelling, authentic voice. On their third studio album, twins Catherine and Lizzie Ward Thomas apply a deeper pop sheen to tracks that mull modern life and love, like on the album’s opener, “No Filter,” which uses social media perfection as a parable for a failing romance. They reach for catchy, club-ready anthems on songs like “Rather Be Breathing,” which seems ripe for a million remixes, but still relax into the more somber balladry on the album’s closer, “This Too Will Pass,” complete with some Beatles-esque melodic work. Though tracks like “Same Love” veer noticeably away from any real country footing, Restless Minds hits a sweet spot in today’s genre-fluid universe, where the rules are minimal but the rewards great.

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