NSE Multi-Award Winning Jazz: On Screen and in the studio,‘Shani Rigsbee’ is ‘Changing Tides’ with her Jazzy Music of Change

NSE Multi-Award Winning Jazz: On Screen and in the studio,‘Shani Rigsbee’ is ‘Changing Tides’ with her Jazzy Music of Change

It’s an underrated opinion that when taking off on a long ride with your loved one, the aspect that makes your venture much more appealing and astounding is that playlist of yours with music that drives you crazy.

But the main concern is which artist can complete that playlist of yours with the perfect songs that would become a part of the memories permanently?

And the answer is “Shani Rigsbee”, the prodigy and the diva who is embarking on the journey of singing, producing and composing such melodies that would cultivate sentimental feelings all for her fans to relish.

As a rare power pack of American stars that are equally fluent both on stage, recordings and on-screen while being multi-award-winning Artist credited as a Singer, Composer and Producer, one thing that we clearly comprehend is the fact that “Shani Rigsbee” is the entity that is not here to play games rather she is crystal clear about her aspirations that she would strive hard for. Winning some top-notch awards like “Best Theme Song ‘Rise’ from San Francisco Global International Film Festival”, “Best Film Singer from San Francisco New Concept Film Festival, “Best American Crossover Artist from Big Apple Music Awards” and many more worth mentioning awards is the proof that her aptitudes are realistic.

She has parlayed her skills both in the music world and her knowledge as both a performer on screen and stage into also producing and directing many of her songs and why wouldn’t it be the case? As an artist who has featured on some of the best outshining shows like Warner Brothers released feature film, AMERICAN WRESTLER, GUARDIAN ANGEL, for THE HOUSE OF SAND AND FOG (DreamWorks).  In THE KEEPER – THE LEGEND OF OMAR KHAYYAM (Guide Company Films) while also writing the theme song “The Good Fight”, “El Llamar de Pasión – Call of the Wild” in the ACADEMY AWARD WINNER for Best Picture, her remarkable skills became clearer, apparently defining her goals and aims.


The heart of an American girl moving to L.A. to pursue her dreams while making some quality music on the way is nothing but an inspirational story for all those young endeavours who want to pursue the same path as hers. Literally being “Shani Rigsbee” fan would mean nothing more than lit beats, amazing shows and sentimental songs all for you guys that will finalize that playlist of yours.

The artist is welcoming all of you to come join her venture that is bound to go on and on that would be entertaining and prosperous just like her new release “Changing Tides” that allures the audience around the world.


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