NSE Brand New – Cybele talks to UK’s New Sound Express in an exclusive interview

1.Who would you say you were most excited to open for in the music industry ?

I think I would be most excited to open for Beyonce. Her production is incredible. Her choreography is iconic. Her singing is out of this world. And the weight that her name carries in this industry is incomparable to anyone else’s. Just the thought of being able to bear witness to her greatness overwhelms me. If I, or when I, become fortunate enough to open up for her, I will know that I have officially “made it” and that I am worthy enough to be in the presence of an official queen. I don’t know anyone who is as talented, strategic, or brilliant as her. Just her longevity alone speaks for itself and the thought of being able to perform for her is quite daunting yet thrilling.

2.How do you feel you have grown as an artist in the last few years and where you do hope to be in the next few years.

I think that as an artist over the last few years, I have been better at going out of my comfort zone and I have been overall much more willing to become more personal with my music. I think that I have also been more open to experimenting with other genres as well. In the next few years, I hope to have had one number one hit on the Billboard Hot 100 and I hope to have established myself as a pivotal artist in the American music stratosphere.

3. Tell us more about your debut single “Anything”?

My debut single “Anything” was inspired by the story of my Asian grandfather who managed to overcome adversity and become a Yale Professor of Applied Physics for fifty years, and who later went on to develop Parkinson’s, yet he still persistently faces each day with a smile on his face. I have never seen him complain despite the fact that he has had to endure physical therapy every day for the last few years. He is the living and breathing emblem of “Anything”. You can face any hurdle and still overcome it. You can achieve anything if you put all your dedication and hard work in. You can truly channel everything you desire in your life.

4. What advice would you give to someone who struggles with performance anxiety?

I would give them advice to come up with an alter ego. If they have performance anxiety, I would say to come up with a made-up character name and pretend to be playing the role of someone who is much more audacious and outgoing. Like this, you are able to preserve the side of you that is meek and shy, but then transform and completely embody someone else. I usually let that anxiety turn me into a different person and that is how I become so confident on-stage.

5.What would you say your style is as an artist?

As an artist, my style is definitely along the lines of fusion R&B (modern and old school) with a little bit of mainstream pop sound. My music is not specifically catered towards a specific age group, in songwriting, I tend to write the intent of doing something that is universal and applicable to most. I don’t let genres define me either too much, because I think there is something to be said about taking elements from different genres and amalgamating them into one.

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