NSE BRAND NEW: Crzy Horse drops ”Zeebra Warriors’

Crzy Horse is a DJ & Music Producer hailed from Australia. He produces EDM tracks, House, Techno and Psy Trance. He currently lives in Berlin and plays in Soda Club, Berlin. He plays in festivals and clubs around Australia, Europe, and Asia. Crzy Horse studied music in prestigious Berkeley Music School, USA and Point Blank Music School, London.

Up-and-coming EDM artist Crzy Horse returns with a groovy big room/house single ‘Zeebra Warriors’. The single features a catchy lead with a driving four on the floor beat, and anthemic buildups. The single starts off with the main beat and the
mesmerizing Arabesque lead that resonates throughout the entirety of the track.

The track then proceeds to the first break and buildup. The arrangement of ‘Zeebra Warriors’ is unique and different from that of other EDM productions.

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Undoubtedly, the track has the ability to rattle dancefloors as it contains every anthemic element for a big room/house track. The production of ‘Zeebra Warriors’ will take the listener into a musical, groovy journey.


The single has the ability to resonate with any EDM aficionado as it has every element to be catchy, memorable, and powerful.


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