Nothing Breaks Like a Heart (feat. Miley Cyrus) – Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson has described his forthcoming album as a collection of “sad bangers” inspired by sorrow and heartbreak. Country and disco have strong pedigrees for producing great songs from melancholy, and he and Miley Cyrus blend the two to aching effect here. Whether you’re crying on the dance floor or the front porch, this one’s for you: Gliding strings and a club beat back a twanging acoustic riff and Miley’s gorgeous, love-bruised vocal. In a song written before Cyrus lost her home in the November 2018 California wildfires, she alludes to a fading relationship with the line “These silver bullet cigarettes/This burning house, there’s nothing left/It’s smokin’”—lyrics that have taken on even deeper poignancy.

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