Mumford and Sons frontman Marcus Mumford calls his bands name ‘rubbish’

Marcus Mumford regrets calling his band Mumford and Sons because he thinks the name is “rubbish”.

The singer formed the band in 2007 with Ben Lovett, Ted Dwane, and Winston Marshall. He admits they never gave the name much thought when they started out and now they’ve come too far to change it.

“I regret our band name. Its rubbish. It’s a rubbish name,” he told Britain’s Radio X host Chris Moyles. “You never really think about it when you’re in the pub, you’ve done your first rehearsal, you’ve written your first song and someone’s like: ‘you need a band name now’.

“And we’re all young guns and didn’t really think about it very much… And then of course your band name precedes you and you’re sat in a room answering questions like this.”

The 29-year-old, who is married to actress Carey Mulligan, previously told NME magazine the band name was a “ball ache” and if he knew how successful the group would become, he would never have included his surname in the title. He added they had discussed changing it but it’s too late.

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