Mike Izon Brings out ‘Summer Days are here again’

Mike Izon Brings out ‘Summer Days are here again’

Mike Izon, island pop artist and rising star, has done it again. His new hit single will have you rocking and dancing, thinking back on all the summer days you’ve cherished throughout your life. “Summer Days Are Here Again” plays on the warm nostalgia of past summer days and delivers a hopeful message that the worst of recent events is now behind us.

Composed of breezy chords and soulful vocals, Izon’s new song will take you on a ride of relaxation through the waves of island life. Listening to him sing and play his guitar throughout the song, it’s easy to imagine yourself relaxing on a sunny beach, lounging lazily in a hammock in the shade with a tropical drink in your hand. Not to mention the feel-good vibes of the lyrics; Izon will have you smiling in no time!

Mike Izon has been quickly rising through the ranks of the music industry in the past decade, having started as a fresh singer playing live throughout Hawaii, and eventually making it big and traveling the world to bring his music to people all over. His music journey began when he taught himself to play the ukulele as a young child, then picking up new instruments as he got older, he eventually settled on the guitar and vocals after graduating high school.

Izon has won many awards over the course of his music career. He won a number of different awards across different venues and competitions over the years, and eventually aims to win a Grammy on his way to stardom. Upon returning to Hawaii from performing throughout the world, he dedicated himself to uplifting the people of his home with his music. He churned out two hit singles in 2019, the first being “Purple Haze,” quickly followed by the second, “Brown Sugar Girl.” His music publisher is a steadfast believer in his musical talent and ability and predicts that he will only reach higher heights as his career progresses.

A staunch supporter of various charities, he has even donated substantially to community charities in Hawaii, including ALS Cure Fundraising events and projects. No one can deny Izon’s talent when it comes to writing and singing music, and his newest single really drives this home.

If you find yourself longing for a bit of nostalgia, warm memories of summers past to comfort you in trying times, “Summer Days Are Here Again” will bring a smile to your face and a sense of comfort to your heart.

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