N.S.E tracked new London hip hop star Marxie down for an interview – Check ‘Endzo’ here

Marxie is a British born Recording artist and Producer bringing fresh commercial and urban sounds to your ears.

N.S.E tracked Marxie down whole out on the town for an interview

How would you describe your music ?

U.K Hip Hop

What is your cool new single ‘Endzo’ about and where did the inspiration come from ?

My new single is about London my city I’ve grown up in and what is around me and my lifestyle on a day to day basis.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time ?

In five years time i hope to have built a good platform and chasing my music dream full time.

What’s been one of the most hilarious moments or highlights while touring or playing a gig ?

Whilst on tour one of my band members ripped there trousers on stage dancing.

Where does your name come from ?

My name is a nickname that my friends created from my surname marksman.

Check out the hot new video from Marxie – Endzo


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