Marina and the Diamonds: ‘Electra Heart was meant to be a side project’

Songstress Marina Diamandis has admitted that her ‘Electra Heart’ album was originally intended to be released as a side project.

A song from the album Electra Heart, Power and Control

She took to her Twitter page earlier today (January 15) and told her followers that she wanted to embrace her alter ego outside of Marina and the Diamonds, but her manager didn’t allow it so she had to integrate it into her main work:

“Electra Heart was originally a side project, separate from Marina And The Diamonds. I called my manager in April 2011 and said “Hello. Can I pretend to be a totally different person?” He said “No. You cannot”

Referring to her reaction to the unfortunate news, she added: “I calmly put the phone down and screamed til eternity.”

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