Luca Draccar to Sugar You with His New EP “Sugar”

Luca Draccar to Sugar You with His New EP “Sugar”

Luca Draccar is an Italian techno artist who resides in Berlin Germany. He started making music back when he was in university but ventured into it professionally in 2018. His style of music is techno which is a type of electronic music.

After releasing several EPs and singles in the past, Luca is releasing his first latest EP in March. This comes exactly 7 months since he last dropped music on his streaming channels. The EP is entitled ‘Sugar’ and it contains three of his best electronic hits ever.

Luca Draccar is a master of his art when it comes to music production. This is conspicuous in the three songs that are featured on Sugar.

The first song, ‘Love is killing you’, breaks the wonted monotony of music kicking off with a beat. The song starts with a radio conversation that spikes anxiety in the listener leaving one curious about what is coming next. Just then the drums drop. Sudden and sleek, the hit-hat comes in. The two are graced by hyper electronic melodies that are precise and attention-seeking. You definitely wouldn’t wish to turn your ear from the well-defined melody on this jam.

The second song, ‘She is gone’ closes the EP with its transparently loud claps and hit hats. The song features loud drums that are pleasing at the same time for they bring a jumpy vibe to the room. The vocals on this jam are well done as they are whispery and repetitive to bring emphasis. The song is so influential that it engenders you to press the repeat button and listen to the EP all over again.

Last song entitled ‘Come closer’ brings you closer to music benignancy. This song is definitely something one would want to jam to in a club or in a party. It is lively and vibrant at the same time. The drums are systematic with sudden breaks that allow one to switch to a different dancing methodology.

Not only does this song bring you at the edge of your chair but makes you leave your chair and throw your arms in the air. The spiky melody is accompanied by square waves and saw waves that bring the music to life in a magnificent way.

Overall, Luca Draccar has done an amazing job of bringing modern taste to the electronic music industry. He has made an EP that is spectacular in all aspects and what remains is for the listeners to wait for the launch and jam to it.

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