‘Jalal Sunstrum’ releases new single ‘Solomon’s Judgement’ ( All is Vanity )

‘Jalal Sunstrum’ releases new single ‘Solomon’s Judgement’ ( All is Vanity )

However, his music has taken inspiration over the years from a wide array of different sources, and his extensive experience in the musical field has ensured that his songs are diverse, powerful, and moving simultaneously.

Jalal credits the beginning of his musical career to his fascination with poetry; indeed, he began writing his own poetry from the age of nine, and he later took up singing in a local Bahá’í choir by the time he was fifteen years of age. Following this, he moved to Montreal, Canada at eighteen, and continued to perform in a wide array of different roles.

As well as his experiences in the musical industry, Jalal Sunstrum has also gotten involved with several other opportunities and fields. One of the most prominent of these was his role writing for a multi-media show in 2011 and the like.

However, music was always his true calling. Indeed, it was with this in mind that he signed a partnership with Ditto UK to distribute his work – and he’s now eagerly looking forwards to the future growth of his musical career. His most recent single, Solomon’s Judgement, was co-written by himself and Franco-Quebecois Reno Sensal.

Solomon’s Judgement was an almost instant hit with many fans. It is now being played across North America by iHeartRadio.

We wish Jalal Sunstrum all the best with his future musical and poetic endeavors alike, and hope that he can continue creating songs with his unique poetic flair that will capture audiences’ attention for years to come.

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