Interview: VBRTNS releases new single ‘Higher’ and talks to New Sound Express in this exclusive interview

Interview: VBRTNS releases new single ‘Higher’ and talks to New Sound Express in this exclusive interview

Where are you based ?

I am currently based in New York City. Specifically Crown Heights Brooklyn to be exact, where I was born & raised.

How would you describe your sound ?

I picture it as Reggae Music & RnB created a perfect love child. Alongside some core elements of Jazz, and most importantly, Lovers Rock (Rub-A-Dub).

Tell us about your new single ? What is it about ?

In essence, this record is about capturing the core essence of Love. I wanted to create a type of euphoria that is everlasting to each and every being worldwide. Reminding the listeners (including myself) why we are alive today, and why today’s the perfect time to love flow through our veins.

Who are your musical influences ?

Off the rip, Dennis Brown. I literally listen to his records everyday. My father (Professor Grizzly) is definitely an influence as well. Another huge influence of mine is Tenor Saw, who so happens to be my older Brother’s Father (rest his soul). Jr. Gong, Maxi Priest, Mary J. Blige, Beres Hammond, Bobby Caldwell,
and Dead Prez just to name a few.

What made you start a career in music ?

Initially growing up, I didn’t want anything to do with music. As a child, I was aware that my father was already in that field, and I didn’t want any part of it. I can remember my Mother playing a lot of R&B in our household. I specifically remember my spirit gravitating to Mary J. Blige’s “Share My World” album that my mother would play each day.

Also, as time grew forward, I’ve then developed a love for Hip-Hop because of a Notorious B.I.G. freestyle entitled “Where Brooklyn At”. From that day forward, I finally gave in and married my paper and pencil.

If you could do a duet with any artist who would it be ?

Without Hesitation, Sevana! I feel like I can do albums with her and every song on each album would be a massive hit. I’d also love to do a combination with the likes of Buju Banton, Beres Hammond, Chronixx, Jah9, some of the Marley brothers (Stephen, Damian, and Ziggy), Skip Marley, Lila Ike, Medisun, WSTRN,
Koffee, Cocoa Tea, and Popcaan.

Describe your creative process ?

No matter the topic, environment I am currently in at the particular moment of the process, or state of mind, I have to emit gratitude and embrace the fact that I can even develop a creative process in the first place. From that point on, I am able to visualize what I am going to speak about in my lyrics before putting pen to paper.

Where do you record your music, who is the producer ?

I mostly record at my own home. I own some mobile equipment that allows me to record raw vocals and develop a massive creative blend of many ideas I come up with for new music.

Do you write all of your own music and lyrics ? Any advice for up and coming artists ?

I completely write everything I voice on any and all records I am involved in. My advice for upcoming artists is to make sure the business side of the music becomes fun for the individual to learn everything about it. Understand the importance of a Writers, Publishing, ISRC & UPC codes, distribution, hiring a PR,
just to name a few things. This will allow the artist room to see and feel the ins and outs, trust their process, know who is for them and who is not. Overall, enjoying their craft and not getting misled & discouraged.

Where can we find you online ?

On all Streaming, Purchasing, and Downloading platforms, I can be searched by the pseudonym VBRTNS
Instagram: @officialvbrtns


Hailing from the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn NY, emerging Reggae Artist VBRTNS is receiving the critical nods from Reggae music critics for his debut release “Higher”.

Born to a Haitian Mother (Eliane Legagenur) and Jamaican father, reggae artist Professor Grizzly (Christopher Robertson), he credits his initial love of music to his father, whose frequent performances with Massive B Records Camp in the early 90s, helped inspire this young crooner to pursue of the art of music.

While he has always harboured an innate love of Reggae, the journey to becoming a wholly fledged Reggae practitioner was preceded by a few musical iterations.

Before he was VBRTNS, he was known as Irie-Child.

Before that, he had a stint as a creative within the Hip-Hop sphere As T-Rav. Under this moniker, he was discovered by the Hip-Hop icons Dead Prez in the early 2000s.

His discovery by Dead Perez would see him call Prez’s Warrior Studios his professional home base. Here he expanded his skills and acumen as an audio engineer, songwriter, technical sound engineer, producer, and artist.

In 2011, the multifaceted music maven earned his Certification in Audio Engineering and Advance Media at the Institute of Audio Research (IAR).

During his time at IAR, VBRTNS developed a variety of life-threatening illnesses which forced him to relinquish music and school simultaneously.

What started as a way to heal became a sojourn into holistic nutrition, ultimately providing him with a fresh perspective and elevation of his music precepts.

Shortly after his recovery, he migrated to Greensboro, NC, where his reggae roots bloomed, and along the journey taught himself to play the guitar which helped usher his full-fledged transition from Hip-Hop/R&B to Reggae going by the moniker Irie-Child.

Today he is VBRTNS, and has earned himself critical acclaim for his lyrical precision, content, and melodies which represent the full circle of his musical evolution and influences, churning his unique soundscape that is being hailed as a seamless fusion of Reggae’s Past and Present.

His latest release “Higher” is a solid representation of this mantra and its infectious vintaged “rubadub” inspired soulfulness has already been embraced by terrestrial radio in Jamaica, UK, Australia and France, and made an impressive weekend debut on Spotify racking up over 3000+ streams in his opening weekend.

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