Good Thing is the latest release from ‘Leon Bridges’

B. Palfrey

One of the best debuts of this decade, ‘Coming Home’ took us all right back into the 60’s to either remind us or show us what it was like to be part of the golden years of soul.

Three years on and here we have the difficult second album. Now of you’re here looking for some more of that Sam Cooke kinda vibe then you may be disappointed. Leon has dragged himself into the late 70’s & early 90’s R&B scene, whilst thankfully skipping the 80’s. Not entirely sure if it’s a deliberate attempt to sell more records and be more chart friendly, or whether it’s an artist genuinely evolving and experimenting the way an artist should.

Either way, I like it. However, without the weight of his debut behind him, I’m not convinced we’d be hearing it. Solid 4*

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