Flirt with Danger – The mini album – Review

British-based electrosurfbilly band, Flirt With Danger have released their debut album, ‘The Mini-Album’.

The music is an imaginative, provocative and eclectic mix of neo-rockabilly, surf, 60s garage and proto-punk, combined with analogue synth sounds. The lyrics draw on both modern concerns and retro-futuristic imagery, very much in line with the burgeoning atompunk artistic scene. It represents a significant departure from the existing UK music scene and has already attracted considerable interest in the USA, particularly in California and Texas.

The tracks were written by Les ‘Spaceman’ Rowley, the former keyboard player of South London indie rock band, Brilliant Pink, theatrical heavy metallers, Aunt May, and drum’n’bass trio, Tectonic.

NSE Review – Flirt with Danger – The Mini Album

FWD take you far away to a distant world full of dreamy shimmering sounds and decadent moods reminiscent of The Doors on even more acid or The Cramps at summer camp blowing in the wind. Frontman Les Rowley is according to himself a spaceman and we believe it. This is not your average middle of the road music it’s radical, different and unique, but with a mellow vibe that’s perfect for a cup of special green tea. Our fave track is ‘Bikini Atoll Surfer dude’ it’s so infectious and dreamy and those guitars are mammoth and yet so far away, it’s pure bliss for the spacemen of today and comes highly recommended by N.S.E – 9/10


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