Ex-X Factor winner’s new song after rumours he’d been dropped by Syco

James Arthur unveils new song tries to ‘Turn The World Around’

This song is from Press Party

James Arthur has uploaded a new song online.

An after recording cup of tea
An after recording cup of tea

The singer unveiled the track ‘Turn The World Around’, which is due to feature on his upcoming ‘All The World’s A Stage’ mixtape, on YouTube.


The song is a rough version of the tune, with Arthur writing on YouTube:

“This is a rough mix of the song ‘turn the world around’ from the mixtape ‘All The Worlds A Stage’ which will act as an interlude on the record as its predominately sang. For The Fans x.”

The release comes days after the X Factor 2012 winner denied speculation that he had been dropped from his record label.


It had been reported that Syco man Simon Cowell had taken negatively to a forthcoming new lyric which apparently said: “I’m gonna blow up your family like I’m a terrorist”.

However, Arthur said on Twitter: “As far as I know I am still with Syco but I am exclusively signed to Sony. People look too deeply into the media circus. It’s about music.”

Listen to James Arthur’s new song below:

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