Discover New: Tratt debuts his single Chase

   South African Hip-Hop artist and producer Tratt showcases his African Hip Hop flair on new single Chase. Born and raised in Johannesburg Tratt presents enough heart and soul to be heard, and to be respected in the music industry. Signed to Lucid Records SA – Tratt’s debut single, “Chase” is a testament to his optimistic outlook and his will to rise above. Tratt , a name you can’t forget; a name that is pipped to be the new buzz word among up and coming hip-hop circles. Tratt has worked with some SA heavyweights like Emtee, Kaydee, Smashes, and more, all helping him push his skills and reach that next level. 

 “He is almost on the brink of your stereo, in the pit of your soul.
He’ll make his move, and when he does , Checkmate”.

The Tratt Story:  Being the oldest of three kids and the only man in his mum’s life high standards were set forTratt. His family did not understand why he chose to be a performer but they didn’t realize that music is where his heart and soul lies.Having written his first rap song at the age of 13 (turning his poetry into music poetry) his music is a representation of the young and the careless, the wild-at-heart, the “Just Be” Generation that spills over with a thirst for life.

Tratt has his musical aspirations down pat, and he is ready and hungry to knock that Queen off her throne.
Like many musical talents, breaking through to the other side has not been easy. Tratt has pushed his way through the trials and challenges of his musical destiny. But despite the rocky path along the way, he has never yielded to his unfortunate circumstance.



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