Cool Like You (Deluxe) – Blossoms


Blossoms followup to their debut expands their passion for 80s anthems, ballads and synth-pop chart toppers while moving away slightly from the mix of alternative light rock and late 70s and early 80s synths that was so ever-pressent. Instead of opting to change their sound they keep themselves rooted firmly in their 80s synth-pop passion and provide 11 tracks actually feeling like an homage to the 80s and a original non-derivative piece of work. While it may lack some hard-hitting beats of the debut it’s a softer reflective piece of work this time round. Their also love Netflix’ Stranger Things is also worked into this album as they, like many other bands, became obsessed with the show and it’s brilliant score. It’s full of festival and summer-esqe vibes and melancholiac pop-pieces that show while it may feel stuck on repeat, it’s also sweet, down-to-earth and honest.

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