“Music got me through some really difficult times in my life” says South African artist ‘Nicholas Arumugam’ as he drops poignant cover version of Harry Styles single ‘Falling’.

Durban born Nicholas Arumugam has been releasing a slew of singles consecutively since 2020, honing his style and skills and taking his time for each song to be embraced in the right way. His brand... Read More

Born in Nigeria and now based in Cape Town, South Africa, ‘Niyi’ inspires Afrobeat and Hip-Hop lovers with ‘High Fashion’.

Niyi is inspired by a wide range of music, everything from the rap stylings of Jay-Z, Kanye West and Notorious B.I.G., to Bob Marley, Majek Fashek and Fela Anikulakpo Kuti. A native of Ibadan, Nigeria,... Read More

“There are states of consciousness in which you can listen to sound and realize that that is the whole point of being alive.” says ‘Graffiti Welfare’ as he drops majestic debut album ‘Revolving Shores’.

Far from an amalgamation of singles sitting together alienly within an LP, Graffiti Welfare’s debut alt psych-pop album, Revolving Shores, is a tight-knit construction of experimentally composed singles that gel together to tell an anxious... Read More

Addressing human values and resilience with metal glory, ‘Kryour’ return in style with dreamy and powerful new single “Why Should I Know?”.

Song is the first preview of an upcoming EP that the band is preparing. The band Kryour, which has established itself as one of the prominent names in metal in Brazil, released on March 3rd,... Read More

As dense and heavy as the subject of its lyrics, CULTURA TRES release “The Land” putting the spotlight on saving the Amazon Forest.

On Friday, February 24th, metallers from CULTURA TRES released “The Land”, the third single from their upcoming album “Camino De Brujos” due for release on April 7th, 2023 via Outono Music/Universal Music in the Americas... Read More

‘Pressive’ and ‘AXTY’ are artists who stand out for their quality and artistic vision on new single ‘Hollow’.

Mexican band expands sound horizons in collaboration with Brazilian metalcore exponentMaintaining the intense rhythm of work, the Mexican group Pressive enters 2023 with an expressive release. Meeting the expectations of its growing fan base, while... Read More

Musician, guitarist and DJ/Producer ‘Gevanest’ releases a sublime electronic anthem with new single ‘Now I fly Higher’.

‘Now I fly Higher’ is the new single from ‘Gevanest’. Through a type of deep and melancholic harmony, the theme was inspired by situations that bring results of personal growth given the resilience that a... Read More

Listen to the uplifting, touching and emotional new EP ‘Venus Smile… Retrograde’ from ‘Alpha Cat’.

‘Venus Smile… Retrograde’ is the new EP from ‘Alpha Cat’. Alpha Cat’s latest EP, “Venus Smile… Retrograde” is a deeply introspective and emotionally charged record that explores the theme of heartbreak and self-discovery. The lead... Read More

Encapsulated by the strong and rich history of soul music and art, ‘Lou Anthony’ drops West Coast inspired banger ‘Girls From the Bay’.

‘Girls From the Bay’ is the new single from ‘Lou Anthony’. This West Coast inspired banger, by Philly’s Lou Anthony & Southern California’s Neo, sends major love to the women of Cali’s Bay Area. Lou’s... Read More

Single of the week: ARMORED DAWN are back with their heavy version of “Wayfaring Stranger” from Johnny Cash.

After a successful comeback with the official music video for “S.O.S.”, and the brutal single “Tides”, Brazil based, Metal band ARMORED DAWN has released their newest single “Wayfaring Stranger”, a heavy version of Johnny Cash’s song. “Wayfaring... Read More

“The lyrical content is pretty deep” says ‘Oliver Pulfer’ AKA ‘The Disciple’ as he unveils new single ‘Metaphysical Disorder’.

Oliver Pulfer AKA The Disciple has been working on a body of work over the last few years in Switzerland. The lead single to be released is  the hard hitting and culturally political single – Metaphysical... Read More

Album of the week: ‘Paint a Dream’ showcases the pure talent and emotion of fast rising artist ‘Deann René’.

‘Paint a Dream’ is the new album from ‘Deann René’. Paint a Dream was produced by husband, Kris Brown, along with Ron D’Agenio and Deann, and recorded at Austin’s Hoodoo Studio. Paint a Dream, proves... Read More

Showing us how to rock again, Check out the power of ‘Snailbones’ as they drop new album ‘Keelhaul ‘em All’ full of oceanic pirate themes.

‘Keelhaul ‘em All’ is the rocking new album from ‘Snailbones’. It’s their second album and newest release with oceanic pirate themes. Snailbones is a PNW noise punk band, composed of guitarist Timothy Francis, bassist Kelly... Read More

Taken off “Life’s Moments” an 11-song, full-length studio recording, ‘David McGlynn’ drops new single ‘Lost In A Hotel Room’.

‘Lost In A Hotel Room’ is the new single from singer/songwriter ‘David McGlynn’. ‘David McGlynn’ is an indie, folk-pop, singer-songwriter who combines his love of indie pop music with Americana soundscapes… think 70’s singer songwriters... Read More

With old school throw backs and raw contents mixed with modern day melodies, ‘Cameron Sean’ unleashes his fast-rising new single ‘Crazy’.

“Crazy” is a new release inspired by hip-hop artist Cameron Sean’s back-on-the-scene dating experience. It’s song about that date we’ve all had that turned a corner real quick. At first you wanted things to work... Read More

‘Genesis’ from ‘Kitarō’ is a delightful experience that takes the listener through several waves of music.

‘Genesis’ is the new single from ‘Tarek Marzok‘ better known by his stage name ‘Kitarō’. ‘Kitarō’ is a Belgium musician, artist and producer. He has been musically influenced all his life and recently took to... Read More

“From a health perspective you can flex your muscles” says ‘Intelligent Diva’ soon to drop new single “How to Flex” with ‘Sean Kingston’.

The release of “How to Flex” by Intelligent Diva featuring Sean Kingston follows the unstoppable success of recent single “Stop Calling Me”, which peaked at number 15 in the US and spent 16 weeks in... Read More

After being featured in the Rolling Stone Magazine’s Global Artist spotlight, ‘T8iana’ thrills fans with hot new single ‘Celebrat8ion’.

Australian Pop Singer popularly known as T8iana, a passionate advocate for the LGTBI+ community, has strongly reacted to the hate attack shooting at the Gay nightspot Club Q in Colorado Springs, U.S, which recently made... Read More

Wanting to live more gratefully and presently, rising pop singer ‘Simona Shao’ drops new single ‘The Only Thing I’ve Known’.

Up and coming pop singer, Simona Shao is making waves with her latest single The Only Thing I’ve Known. Simona has been consistently raising the bar with her music since her first release in 2017,... Read More

Home to the next generation of the most promising artists. ‘God Knows Records’ is a Los Angeles-based, independent record label and publisher.

Established on desire and fulfillment, God Knows Records is a Los Angeles-based, independent record label and publisher, a part of the story of great talents in music. The label is home to the next generation... Read More

Expressing her emotions through song, ‘Chloe Clouds’ is an emerging new pop artist who releases the touching single ‘Let me be’.

Chloe Clouds is an emerging new pop artist who writes from the heart. Her debut single ‘I’ll Carry Me’ conveyed the story of heartbreak & depicts that moment you realise you need to move on... Read More

“We should love each other unconditionally” says ‘Grant Barbosa’ on the release of new album ‘Conquest I: A Mutant Shaman God?!?!?’.

Grant Barbosa is an independent music artist and the creator of Synaptic Dream Pop, an electronic gospel music genre Grant created & recorded in virtual reality. They play every instrument themselves and compose the music... Read More

Exploring the tension between our everyday lives and the dreams and aspirations, ‘Salma Swing’ releases stunning new single ‘Hyati’.

‘Hyati’ is the new single from ‘Salma Swing’. ‘Hyati’ is a unique Arabic English jazz fusion that explores the tension between our everyday lives and the dreams and aspirations we hold dear. With its soulful... Read More

‘Bobby Billion’ is undoubtedly one of the few upcoming afrobeat artists with a unique style as he drops ‘Libido’.

‘Libido’ is the new single from ‘Bobby Billion’. Born and raised in Ilasa,Lagos-Nigeria, Bobby Billion a.k.a richbynature is an independent afrobeat artist looking to bless the world with his unique style of music, currently based... Read More

Upcoming album ‘Camino de Brujos’ from ‘Cultura Tres’ roughly translates as ‘Trail of Witches’ as they announce new single ‘The World and Its Lies’.

Long-running South American metallers Cultura Tres are back with a bang! Finally, the brothers Alejandro and Juanma Montoya break the silence announcing the new album “Camino De Brujos” due for release on April 7th 2023... Read More

Formed by well-known musicians in the Brazilian rock scene, The band ‘Supernoise’ excite fans with new single ‘Seven Desires’ off debut album.

Band formed by well know musicians in the Brazilian scene releases first preview of debut album The band Supernoise is a new name in the Brazilian rock scene, however it is formed by musicians of... Read More

The red hot and powerful new album “Nothing Without Pain” from world-renowned Spanish singer ‘Elisa C. Martin’ is about overcoming passions and loves.

This work marks a new cycle in the career of the traditional Spanish singer and was released through the partnership Outono Music/Universal Music The long wait of the fans has finally come to an end.... Read More

Dark, heavy, captivating and full of personality, German gothic metal band MONO INC return to the stage and release new EP ‘Lieb Mich’.

EP brings together the band’s latest singles, previews from the upcoming album Ravenblack. German gothic metal band MONO INC. released the single “Lieb Mich”, in which they presents fans with yet another dark and captivating... Read More

“I completely altered and transformed the production and vocals” says Cape Town’s ‘Anacy’ as she releases ‘It’s Not You’.

Cape Town based indie pop female singer Anacy has been releasing a selection of singles over the last few years slowly cementing her as a true indie visionary and each single solidifies her undeniable talent... Read More

The lyrics and the imagery are in dialogue with each other on new single and video “Do I Really Wanna Know?” from Lenoy Barkai’s debut album, Paper Crown.

Do I Really Wanna Know?” is the first single to be released from Lenoy Barkai’s debut album, Paper Crown. The song juxtaposes rock instrumentation over classical vocal lines, experiments with vocal synths and follows an... Read More

Weaving an intricate web of melodies and textures that evoke introspection and deep thought, ‘Axis Neptune’ unleashes stunning new single ‘Solar’.

‘Solar’ is the new single from ‘Axis Neptune’. An accomplished Sound Designer whose debut single earned praise from the BBC, Axis Neptune creates a distinctive brand of modern electro-pop. On his new single ‘Solar,’ he... Read More

‘AnoTribe’ plays all instruments, sings all vocals as well as arranges all drums/beats on new album ‘Ghost In Your Head’ featuring new single ‘Songs From My Head’.

‘Ghost In Your Head’ is the new single from ‘AnoTribe’ taken from his new album ‘Songs From My Head’. Both the 13 track album & the single have a consistent hopeful ANGER lyrically about the... Read More

‘IS The Wizard’ wants to see people come together, embracing differences as he releases new single ‘DNi’.

‘DNi’ is the new single from IS The Wizard a.k.a. Manoj V. Mathew (pronounced Muh-naj). IS The Wizard a.k.a. Manoj V. Mathew is a Christian Hip-Hop artist from Chicago, IL. He writes, records and produces his own music. The new single... Read More

The extraordinary “Sultanes del Ritmo” continue to reach important achievements and break new records as they get prenominated for The Latin Grammy Awards.

The group of Caribbean music “Sultanes del Ritmo” was born from the idea of Juan Pablo Maluk Selamé, whose artistic name would become Pablo Sabor for the effects of his participation in this musical group. Pablo... Read More

Cover Star: ‘Hot One’ is the stunning new single from ‘Don Afric’ following working on James Bond’s Spectre and Brad Pitt’s War Machine.

Oussama ESSEDDYQ (born 5 November 1989), known professionally as Don Afric, is a Moroccan rapper, singer and songwriter from Tangier. His brand new single is entitled ‘Hot One’. He’s known for his album Yellow Pages.... Read More

After taking home two San Diego Music Awards for Best World Music Album, Latin alternative heroes ‘Marujah’ unveil new single ‘Zombicron’ off their album ‘Henry 619’.

‘Zombicron’ is the new single from ‘Marujah’ taken off their album ‘Henry 619’. Latin alternative powerhouse Marujah release new album Henry 619 on all hollows eve 2022. The album was produced by the legendary John... Read More

Testifying to the ironically uncathartic process of healing, ‘Recovery’ is the rocking new single from ‘PHELIXX LAKE’.

‘Recovery’ is the powerful and rocking debut metalcore single from ‘PHELIXX LAKE’. Aiming to pull his audience into a deeper introspective level, the debut single that is now available on all major platforms explores the... Read More

“The journey begins when my grandfather gifted me a drum set” says ‘Wadley’ as he releases new album ‘Golden Sands’.

After recording, mixing and mastering in Sonika Studios in Sweden, Diego traveled back to Mexico to form a band around the album Golden Sands with fellow dis and producers. Wadley’s album is a masterpiece that... Read More

“Find a concept, work with the right partners and invest in the potential to pursue your dreams” say ‘Armored Dawn’ as they unleash ‘Tides’.

After a triumphant comeback with “S.O.S.”, Armored Dawn releases their newest single “Tides”, delivering even more heaviness. However, like the previous song, this current record also addresses deeper sentimental themes, such as melancholy. The launch... Read More

“Aly May” from ‘Doctor Tongue’ illuminates the scope of the band’s musical prowess both in songwriting and performance. 

“Aly May” is the new single from Doctor Tongue. Embodying a genre-inclusive approach, Doctor Tongue emits an inimitable and irresistible frequency tuned into rock, alternative, funk, country, pop and the kitchen sink.  “Aly May”  was written through... Read More

The new E.P ‘Bring back The Love’ from ‘Diane Hall’ stirs the heart and makes those tiny hairs stand on end.

London neo soul singer and songwriter Diane Hall has just released a soul-stirring 5-Song EP, Bring Back The Love. It’s emotionally raw, unashamedly vulnerable and deeply soulful.  Available exclusively from her online store, the EP... Read More

Fun to watch while she takes you on a journey with her music, ‘Intelligent Diva’ makes more moves with new single ‘Pain’.

Intelligent Diva is definitely making moves and we love the path she’s on. From her very own record labels Intelligent Diva Music and Diva Underground Records, she has released songs which have charted on the... Read More

Kanye West co-producer and famous touring DJ ‘DJ Self Born’ returns with his brand-new album entitled ‘BIGGER THAN RAP MUSIC’ – Review 9/10.

Kanye West co-producer and famous touring DJ ‘DJ Self Born’ returns with his brand-new album entitled ‘BIGGER THAN RAP MUSIC’. ‘BIGGER THAN RAP MUSIC’ follows on from the success of his previous release “Heaven is a... Read More

Delivering just the right amount of dynamic diversity, Russia-born, UK-based artist ‘Eclipseye’ releases new single ‘Hymn of Hypocrisy (Rap Comedy)’.

Eclipseye is a Russia-born, UK-based rising artist whose latest single, ‘Hymn of Hypocrisy (Rap Comedy)’, is out now and available to stream on all major streaming platforms! Having always had a keen interest in poetry... Read More

Hot new single ‘Good Girl Syndrome’ from ‘Katie Louise’ is about a girl who prides herself on doing the right thing.

‘Good Girl Syndrome‘ is the new single from Katie Louise. Katie Louise started as an aspiring concert pianist playing Carnegie Hall with the Empire State Youth Orchestra at age 16. Now, she lives in LA... Read More

With more than 2 million listeners worldwide, CHK continue their rising assault on the EDM world with hot new DJ set ‘Summer Thames’.

CKH are a United Kingdom based international electronic music creation team, Trance & Techno DJ’s with a distinctive, dark, uplifting style. They are creating world class musical journey’s that are completely different from your regular... Read More

Weaving threads of his own experience into the tapestry of the plains, mountains, and sunsets that dance across the Front Range, ‘Royce DeZorzi’ releases his acoustic album ‘Denver’.

‘Denver’ is the incredible new folk acoustic guitar album from ‘Royce DeZorzi’. The full length album ‘Denver’ was recorded and produced over the summer at Royce DeZorzi’s home studio in Denver. The beautiful and relaxing... Read More

Regularly charting on National Radio Hits Charts, Country singer/songwriter ‘Rob Georg’ unveils touching new single ‘Cold War’.

Rob Georg, growing up around the Cold War in Germany, remembers the pain and the sighs of relief as he melodically tells of his story in the hopeful “Cold War” release. Hoping to help listeners... Read More

With George Clooney, Sandra Bullock, Leonardo Di Caprio, Naomi Campbell and Owen Wilson for fans, ‘Ty Le Blanc’ lets loose her stunning new single ‘Fire’.

A Native of El Paso, Texas, Ty Le Blanc is an American singer and songwriter with a fresh and diverse sound. The creole girl whose background and family stems from Louisiana attributes her Soulful style... Read More

With over 300,000 views on youtube and over 24.3k likes on Tiktok, ‘Baba Kuboye’ drops new album ‘Ikoyi with Horns’ featuring popular TIKTok song ‘Kalakuta Girl’.

The debut album releases his first project from “Ikoyi with Horns” LP which includes popular TIKTok song “Kalakuta Girl”. Afrobeats artist, Baba Kuboye releases his 2nd studio album,  “From Ikoyi with Horns” via all streaming... Read More

“Fundamentally, this song is about encouraging and enabling the girl-child to achieve their full destiny” says ‘Osa Mazwai’ about new single #DIVA.

He has been likened to the musical prowess of the Black Eyed Peas by Eddie Gordon, former Grammy Award Electronic Dance Music genre adjudicator. Like the Peas have done so many times before, Mazwai has... Read More

Featured on MTV, VH1 and staying in the top 100’s of the independent and Major charts, ‘Xavier E’ drops the incredible “Pain Of Another Day” (Sweet Rains Radio Edit).

“Pain Of Another Day” (Sweet Rains Radio Edit) is the brand new single from ‘Xavier E’. The new single from ‘Xavier E’ is an 80’s new wave retro house dance song about lovers and cheating.... Read More

“”I love films such as fright night and Salems lot” says ‘Tj Lintern’ as he lets loose his powerful and cinematic single ‘Vampire Suicide’.

‘Vampire Suicide’ is the new single from ‘Tj Lintern’. The new single ‘Vampire Suicide’ has been described as a reminder of the 80’s when Vampires were sexy. Tj Lintern is influenced by artists like David... Read More

Featured on the Apple Music South Africa New Music Daily and New Singer Songwriter Playlists, ‘Phil Gregory’ returns with new E.P ’22: Not Out’ featuring the new single MOVIN’ ON.

British Born, South African based Country Singer Songwriter Phil Gregory returns with his long awaited new EP –22: Not Out featuring the first single MOVIN’ ON. MOVIN’ On was featured on the Apple Music South... Read More

Clear Channel’s Best New Jazz Vocalist ‘Tamela D’Amico’ is back with swinging hot new single ‘Boring 20s’.

‘Boring 20s’ is the new single from ‘Tamela D’Amico’ and is produced with Electro Swing producer Wolfgang Lohr and songwriter Ashley Slater. “Four walls and walls and walls and walls is all that I see. If I can’t... Read More

‘Gianluca Zanna’ and world-famous record producer ‘ Brian Reeves’ have established themselves as a formidable creative partnership, now dropping new single ‘Just Dream it’.

‘Just dream it’ is the new single from ‘Gianluca Zanna’. The single was arranged, produced and the Music & Lyrics were all written by ‘Gianluca Zanna’ with guitars from ‘Simone Sello’. The single ‘Just dream... Read More

With a sound and strength of their own, ‘Hello Fiasco’ release incredible debut album “Find The Shoreline” featuring the first single and video ‘Hold Me Close’.

‘Hello Fiasco’ are promoting the release of their debut album “Find The Shoreline” featuring the first single ‘Hold Me Close’. Although the band’s debut album FIND THE SHORELINE was released to Spotify back in May... Read More

After travelling the world collecting stories and soaking up musical influences, OKON delivers a stunning album ‘Bring Out The Best’.

South Florida Singer/Songwriter OKON is a cutting-edge artist who bridges the gap between American, Caribbean, and African music to create an innovative style that defies easy categorization. Having traveled the world collecting stories and soaking... Read More

Inspiring listeners into feeling less alone, ‘Sarah Belle’ is a 22 year old singer-songwriter from Miami who releases “Quarter-Life Crisis”

Sarah Belle is a 22 year old singer-songwriter from Miami. “Quarter-Life Crisis” is the 2nd single off her upcoming EP, “Spring”. The single “Quarter-Life Crisis” was written after moving from a small town to the... Read More

‘Taot Recordings’ release stunning 17 track various artists album titled “As of Now”.

Taot Recordings releases a 17 track album titled “As of Now”. This release features several acclaimed underground emcees accompanied by some top-notch production from Statik Selektah, DJ Mercilless, Kidd Called Quest, J.Pal, Sibbs Roc, bvtman,... Read More

“Every day I wake up excited to share and produce meaningful and emotional music” says ‘Mario Guini’ as he starts Marc Anthony Tour, Monte Grande Song Releases and New Projects.

Mario Guini, a mainstay on stage and in studio as the lead guitarist for some of the biggest artists in the music industry from Marc Anthony to Andres Cepeda to Jennifer Lopez, continues to blaze... Read More

“I am really happy to be back in LA writing again” says Swedish pop export ‘Maja Kristina’ as she releases incredible new single ‘Neighborhood’.

INTRVRT Studios presents ‘Neighborhood,’ the latest single from rising Swedish pop export Maja Kristina. A young and talented standout who has carved her way step by step towards independent artistry, 2022 always promised to be... Read More