Carroll Love is back on the scene with a new studio release: More Than 90 Proof.

Carroll Love is back on the scene with a new studio release: More Than 90 Proof.

When it comes to music, so many artists begin their journey within the field young – and that was also the case for Carroll Love, who was born and raised in Thomasville, Georgia.

Music has been a key source of inspiration and strength for him throughout his life. Indeed, songs and music supported him through difficult times during his parents’ divorce and later in life. At an early age, his grandparents worked closely with him to teach him the importance of music and harmonies, and he began singing within gospel choirs and country music bands young as a result. Meanwhile, his father’s talent for the piano was also always a major inspiration, giving him the confidence to begin learning music for himself.

However, despite his passion and interest for music, it wasn’t until the Covid-19 pandemic that Caroll Love had the opportunity to begin developing his music skills. Indeed, while listening to the radio, he noticed that country music seemed to be very hesitant and cautious with the topics it tackled; in fact, every song seemed to either be dirt roads or bonfires. So, he set out to make a change to the status quo through his own music and work – and so, he launched his very first song, More Than 90 Proof.

In short – his music is raw and powerful, and the lyrics are filled with genuine emotions that we so rarely get to enjoy through country music. As such, it will be interesting to see how his future singles perform, and we’ll be eagerly awaiting their release as well.

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