Afrobeat Congolese musician Biram Wapasha releases new material in the U.K

Biram Wapasha aka Biram Mangambo is a hip hop/Afrobeat Congolese musician currently based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Biram EWapasha sings in many different languages including English, Lingala, Swahili and French.

Biram Wapashi is the mastermind and artist behind hits such as Sangisa Ide, Twende Nyumbani, Today is Today and Zododo.

Biram has many influences but in particular artists he grew up with like ‘Koffi Olomide’. As well as producing music, Biram is also a former footballer, having played for Dongo Catholic.

Biram Wapasha also used to sing for the church years before deciding to pursue music as a full-time career in 2015.


His current single ‘Don’t’ was recorded and produced by Cedric Kataka at ‘Big Dreams Studios’ and aims to inspire people to believe in their dreams and give back to their communities.

Biram Wapasha has released an full length album entitled ‘Jusqu’Au Bout’ which features songs like Zododo, Twende Nyumbani, Andrea, Sangisa Ide and Mi Nachoka.

You can find Biram Wapasha online at:

Facebook: Biram Wapasha
Twitter: Biram Wapasha
Instagram: Biram Wapasha

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