Answerphone (feat. Yxng Bane) – Banx & Ranx & Ella Eyre

Montreal-based production duo Banx & Ranx formed in 2014, made up of studio mavens KNY Factory and Soke. The two producers craft a sound that blends reggae and other Caribbean influences into a decidedly more club-ready style, focusing their early output on electronic reworkings of classic tracks by iconic reggae artists like Bob Marley, Sizzla, and Capelton. It wouldn’t be until the 2017 release of their single “LIT” that the duo would offer up original music, taking the trap-inflected rhythmic touches they’d been adding to other artists’ reggae tracks to a new level. Banx & Ranx continued with steady studio work, doing remixes and production for Gorillaz, Sean Paul, David Guetta, and more before the 2018 release of their original single “Answerphone.” ~ Fred Thomas

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