A passionate crossover release from critically acclaimed artist ‘Zlata Dzardanova’ – It is Over

A passionate crossover release from critically acclaimed artist ‘Zlata Dzardanova’ –  It is Over

With six albums to her name and an incredibly impressive and versatile string of experiences behind her, Russian singer and songwriter Zlata Dzardanova is an artist with a beautifully unique and creative approach to making music.

Born and raised in the small Russian town of Yst-Kamenogorsk, Zlata knew from a young age that music and performance were her calling. Throughout life, she has worked at the Estrada Theatre in Moscow, the Gelikon Opera and later as a teacher for several years, before ultimately turning back towards music to launch a career as a solo artist.

Since 2004, Zlata has seen numerous successes, recording the official Olympic Candidates Anthem for Moscow in 2012 being up there with the best of them. Her achievements have culminated over the years, from her time at the Gnessin Russian Academy Of Music, in 1997, to her participation in a grandiose concert at Cathedral Kremlin. All of which has helped shape the critically acclaimed and highly respected artist we see today.

From the blissfully expressive and emotional tones of ‘Shakespeare In Jazz’, to the latest collection It Is Over’, throughout the eclectic and ever-expressive nature of all six albums to date, always the passion is clear, the professionalism and quality high, and the creative freedom unquestionable. Zlata has notably progressed from her opera school days to adapt and re-craft her sound and style, more recently incorporating elements ranging from rock to pop.

There are endless topics and intentions at work within Zlata’s music, from military songs to folk-rock hits and classic crossovers, from romance to intensity, and often bringing together a number of languages and world influences. Zlata Dzardanova is a global artist by all accounts. A superb performer, renowned vocalist, composer and all round artist, with a brilliantly refreshing creative style.

The latest single ‘It is over’ is influenced by the music of David Lee Roth, Nickelback and classic rock from the 70’s and 80’s.

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