A Deeper Cut – The Temperance Movement


Shine my soul in the dark all I need is a spark, I believe still believe in love.

Hell, I expected many things, but to end up in tears and an emotional mess wasn’t one of them! “There’s Still Time” and “The Wonders We’ve Seen” hit me in the heart and lifted me up. Best end to an album yet, and in album where every track’s a stone cold classic that’s impressive.

It’s a perfect journey from the screamer of “Caught in the Middle” and “Built-In Forgetter”through to the mellower end, perfectly calibrated, with that combination of brutal honesty and odd imagery Phil does so well. “Backwater Zoo” was winning until the last two. This one could well be looked back on as a bit of a masterpiece.

Time to press play and start the journey again!

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