A collab you didn’t know you needed, enter damag3 and pertience and their deepest song yet!

A collab you didn’t know you needed, enter damag3 and pertience and their deepest song yet!

Sometimes you wish life was not so cruel and a little kinder, right? Is there anyone out there who never struggled for even a second? Anyone who had a smooth life without any challenges? Anyone who did not struggle to build a name for themselves or find their identity?

Life is not easy be it you are an artist or a common person. Hence, Damag3 too struggles to reach where they are today, but this is not the only struggle that they had to overcome like a fighter. Damag3 has struggled and fought to find their identity and when they did,  they fought hard to raise their voice for a community of people who felt similar.

Thus, the hip-hop artist soon won the hearts of the masses through their beautiful melodies that spoke about life and its realities. Moreover, their song was all about who they was and they never shied away from standing up for the LGTB community that was close to their heart.

Hence, Damag3’s new song, “What Happen3d “is all set to make you feel!

A Real Song

Damag3 and Pertinence came together to create a song that takes you on a roller coaster of emotions. It is a wonderful song that beautifully describes the hardships of life and how everyone goes through them at some point in life.

Maybe you are among those who had a tough childhood or maybe someone who was harassed during adolescence. Whatever challenge life threw at you, you surpassed it like a warrior. What happened has happened and what happened has changed you for either good or bad.

Problems in life never come knocking and everyone in the world is fighting their wars. For some that war is within themselves while for others, the fight is without around them. However, everyone has a fight of their own that they need to win and then laugh into the face of the world.

Damag3 and Pertinence’s song, “What Happen3d” gives you a harsh reality check while empowering you to come out strong out of it as they did.

Get, Set, Ready for a Surprise

The New Orleans hip-hopper’s fan base is growing faster than ever around the world by a community of people who are eagerly waiting for a new release. Hence, it is time you let the excitement build up even further because Damag3’s new song is going to hit you hard.

No matter how strong of a person you are, the song will touch you deeply. “What Happen3d” is all set to send chills down your spine, making you ponder where life took you. Why did it all happen? Were things meant to happen like this for you?

What happened is a song that is written from the soul, speaks for the struggling souls, and touches the souls of millions out there. Life happens and when it happens, you need to be strong enough to go with the flow. Moreover, if not, be strong enough to turn it around and own it. Hence, “What Happen3d” is sure to give you a musical reality check!

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