2nd single from Swiss Nightlife Award DJ

Just Wanna Dance, the forthcoming single by Johnny Roxx featuring Jessie James, took less than two weeks to produce when Jessie heard a beat by Johnny in the studio and wanted to put a vocal over it.

Tropical feel

Just Wanna Dance - Johnny Roxx ft Jessie James
Just Wanna Dance – Johnny Roxx ft Jessie James

Johnny Roxx, a DJ and producer from Switzerland of Turkish parents, started out as DJ Slice playing hip-hop for up to six years. Johnny Roxx started out four years ago as, he says: “I was always playing the same genre at the same place and thought ‘this can’t be the truth, I have to move forward’ and combined rock with hip hop or rock with house.” What Johnny plays now is a mixdown of whatever he is listening to, from Iron Maiden to Bob Marley with electro-house.

Big Booty Gal was Johnny’s previous big release a year ago. This is mainly electro-house with a vocal sample from a Jamaican artist. He likes to produce with a great vocal and then he’ll drop the track. The over-all feel is what Johnny calls “tropical”.


The collaboration with Jessie James came about because, Johnny says: “good friends of mine, two guys called WeedyG Soundforce, the biggest dance hall producers in Switzerland, called and said Jessie James was in the studio and he wanted to do a voice over a beat I’d done intended for another artist. I sent the beat over and got the demo. In two hours: such a great work. He’s really talented, Jessie James.”

Jessie was on a promotional tour and said let’s do the video. They completed the song with mixing and mastering and shooting the video within that fortnight. Johnny says: ‘great experience.’


There are four mixes of Just Wanna Dance, which include the original, an extended version, a remix by Doobious from Switzerland and Handbandits. Johnny says the Handbandits’ mix is: “essentially House but it is,” he pauses for thought, “really special.”

Johnny Roxx’s second single release, Wanna Dance, written by Jessie James with a vocal sample from a Jamaican artist, is released on 17 February.

Already this year Johnny Roxx has been nominated for the Swiss Nightlife Award 2014.

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