With the music video clip entirely shot in Prague in the district of Strahov, ‘ Deadphonecalls’ arrive in style with debut single “Revolution Day”

“Revolution Day” is the Deadphonecalls first new single debut taken from the new Album “EVP” . The video clip was entirely shot in Prague in the district of Strahov. The acronym DPC, “Dead Phone Calls”... Read More

Combining elements from the 80s and 90s in a contemporary way, ‘Chris Flyke’ returns with full album ‘Digital Bubblegum’

Germany’s CHRIS FLYKE suprised the Indie-Pop Scene in Summer with his superb Synth-Pop Timetravel Single DELOREAN OVERDRIVE. Now he is stepping up and pulling out all the stops: With his 15-song masterpiece album DIGITAL BUBBLEGUM,... Read More

“The production of the single started off with the idea of creating something very ghastly and haunting” says ‘Lee Cole’ as he releases ‘Cold’

Johannesburg-based singer-songwriter, Lee Cole returns with yet another brilliant power ballad as he releases his brand-new single ‘Cold’ – out Wednesday 3 November – across all digital platforms. Following the success of a string of... Read More

‘Luis Álvarez Ferreira’ better known as ‘Another Lafsto’ drops new 39 track album ‘Tracks Collection’

‘Tracks Collection’ Is an Album full of 39 EDM tracks composed by Another Lafsto in a span of 11 months. Another Lafsto is a 23-year-old Spanish EDM music composer and producer. Luis Álvarez Ferreira better... Read More

Recording their vocals in their respective cities, ‘RJ Griffith’ joins with ‘Becki Yates’ for his latest single “When We Love.”

RJ Griffith has teamed up with UK pop singer and former X Factor contestant, Becki Yates, for his latest single “When We Love.” The song puts a new twist on RJ’s customary R&B sound, pairing... Read More

With haunting, melancholic vocals that soar over dark melodies concerning death, love, heaven and hell, ‘Anne Bennett’ releases ‘Heavy Hand’

Heavy Hand is a ‘you can run but you can’t escape’ type of song. I (the virus, depression, death) will always get you in the end.” Born and raised in Salem, Massachusetts, Anne Bennett is... Read More